Primary School Photography

Primary School

At advancedlife we're specialists at working with Primary Schools and Primary School children. The years spent at Primary School are some of the most precious years of a child's life and every child, and every family, deserve to have a high quality image of themselves and their classmates to look back on in the years ahead.

What Schools say about advancedlife

  • Brighton State School
    Brighton State School

    "The team we were given for Photo day at Brighton was amazing. They were kind to the children, always smiling and happy to be doing the job. The day flowed easily, which is much appreciated. Excellent job."

    Judy Mears - BSM
  • Weir State School
    Weir State School

    "Weir State School has used advancedlife for quite a few years now. We use them because of their friendly, efficient and fast services. From before the day of photos being taken right up to the delivery day and even after, advancedlife take care of everything.
    Thank you advancedlife photography for giving students beautiful photos to last for a lifetime."

    Samantha Hall – School Photo Coordinator
  • Dubbo North Public School
    Dubbo North Public School

    "The last two schools I have worked at have had their school photographs done by advancedlife Photography. The team is organised, efficient, friendly and a delight to have in the school and around the students. School photo day is always hassle free and runs like clockwork with advancedlife Photography"

    Toby Morgan – Principal
  • Harbord Public School
    Harbord Public School

    "advancedlife have been looking after our school photography requirements for over 15 years. We have found them to be highly efficient and professional in all aspects of service to our school community.
    Their photographers work well with our students and staff and are always obliging with any additional requests that as a large school from time to time we ask of them. I would recommend advancedlife to any school."

    Mr Craig Davis - Principal
  • One Tree Hill Primary School
    One Tree Hill Primary School

    "advancedlife Photography have good photographers that make our school photography day easy and run smoothly. The product offered is good and we love the principal message page that allows a message to be sent to all our school community."

    Ms Sharyn Roberts - Principal
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Portrait Packages

Every image is precious and none is more important than a beautiful portrait image. Our photographers are trained in the art of capturing a child's personality and ensuring that the essence of every child is reflected in their school portrait. Our goal is to deliver a classic timeless portrait that will be treasured forever.

  • Deluxe Package

  • Value Package

  • Fun Package

  • Regular Package

  • Basic Package

  • Sibling Essential Package


Capturing a classic group photo that is balanced and well formatted takes years of experience and training. For more than 30 years our group photographers have turned classic large group photography into an art form. To capture that special image, whether it's a group of 20 or a whole school photo of 1200+, there's no one more experienced than an advancedlife group photographer. Of course capturing the image is only half the job and, once we've captured images of the highest quality, we print them in our own state of the art lab in your school's choice of package format, using the most advanced processes available.


Our promo photographers capture unique images that represent your school and then our design team, in consultation with you, transform these images into front covers that are showcase your school. Or we can work with you to create a custom cover design to showcase your school.

  • Design 1
  • Design 2
  • Design 3
  • Design 4
  • Design 5
  • Design 6
  • Design 7
  • Design 8
  • Design 9
  • Design 10
  • Design 11
  • Design 12
  • Design 13
  • Design 14
  • Colors

Packages Types

Family First

The Family First Presentation gives you two great group products in one package. Featuring an A4 folded presentation with a bonus traditional group photo plus a free 20x25cm Black & White enlargement with display mount for all families with package purchase.

All of this with every portrait & group package!

Photobook Presentation

Our Photobook Presentation consists of 8 pages of fun and memories including:

  •    A large personalised portrait
  •    An interactive writing page and year in review
  •    Traditional and composite class groups
  •    An autograph page
  •    A customised wraparound cover featuring images of your students and school

Classic Presentation

The Classic Presentation features a class group in either: Traditional, Composite or both. Packaged in a two page plastic "keepsake" folder and printed on high quality photographic stock.

Industry standard size = 20 x 25cm
advancedlife size = 35 x 25.4cm

You also receive

Your Own dedicated customer service team

A committed Client Manager and Customer Service Officer to support your staff and deliver the outstanding service your school deserves

alpha directories & dvd

Multiple portrait alpha directories for your administration team and DVD's formatted to your administrative software with all portraits and group images

easy online ordering
  •    Parents can choose and pay for all photos online
  •    Security is guaranteed with a unique 9 digit code
  •    Reduce or eliminate cash on your school grounds
  •    Maintenance-free, no additional admin required
  •    No need to return envelopes; however, envelopes are available for those parents that don't wish to order online

Complimentary for Schools

  •    FREE graduation certificates for all Year 6 students
  •    FREE 20x30" printed enlargement of your choice - framed or block-mounted
  •    FREE all staff receive staff group, portraits (including digital download) and a copy of their class
  •    FREE bound album copy of all groups photographed
  •    FREE 2 complete sets of the alpha student directories
  •    FREE co-curricular group photos for the school and available for purchase by parents
  •    10% Commission on photo package sales to your school

Please note: conditions and minimum enrolment numbers apply to all complimentary items

Staff Packages

Staff receive their selection of group photos and portraits. Teachers receive their own class/year photo—it's all complimentary

School Albums

Complimentary album containing all group photos

Graduation Presentations

Final year graduation presentations complimentary for all graduating students


Choose an enlargement (framed or mounted) that best suits your school


Generous commission for all schools plus additional avenues to increase commission with advancedlife incentive offers and fundraising (enrolment numbers apply)

Online Services for Schools & the School Community

Easy access for your school

advancedaccess transforms the experience of our schools, is hosted free of charge and puts all of the products and services provided by advancedlife at the fingertips of any or all of your staff.


advancedaccess is –

  •    Free to all advancedlife schools
  •    Secure access for multiple users 24/7 – you choose who has access
  •    Free hosting – save your server space
  •    View & download hi-res group, portrait and promo images — search by name —available in more than 24 admin formats
  •    View, order or replace ID Cards — search past or current cards and instantly print temporary cards
  •    Order and re-order print products
  •    Check your account and choose how you spend your commission (coming soon)
  •    Proof group images online or download pdfs
  •    Your customised dashboard — to keep track of key dates, delivery times and outstanding tasks
  •    Create great designs — magazine and yearbook tool
  •    Templates to create useful documents —instantly print awards and merit certificates
  •    Plus so much more…and it’s free!
advancedaccess faqs

What is advancedorder?

  •    A site for parents to order school photo packages, sibling photos, sports photos and co-curricular photos
  •    Orders 100% completed online
  •    Uniquely branded with your school colours, logo and images to promote your school to your community
  •    Links back to your website and Facebook page

Key advantages of the advancedorder for your school administration

  •    100% secured, designed, built and hosted by advancedlife
  •    A 9 digit community code ensures security, with all orders delivered back to your school
  •    Reduce enquiries at your school office
  •    Order packages up to 9 months after the day of photography
  •    Order sibling, sports and co-curricular photos online and reduce inconvenience for your administration team

What is advancedyou?

advancedyou is a secure, private image archive of each student's unique school journey. advancedyou is for students and their families.

  •    Provides access to each student's individual archive of photos taken by advancedlife
  •    Makes images and photo packages from years gone by available to view and purchase
  •    Download high resolution portrait images
  •    Delivers orders direct to the family home
  •    Order sports, co-curricular and class photos with ease
  •    Create gift items for relatives and friends

Key advantages of advancedyou for your school administration

  •    Envelope does not need to be returned to school to order
  •    Reduces enquiries as we handle everything for you
  •    Utilises a secure, personalised, 9 digit code unique to each student. Each secure code is delivered on previously purchased photos or distributed by your school
  •    Sibling/family photos can be ordered online, reducing enquiries and administration
  •    Students or parents who forgot to order or missed the day can always order at a later date on advancedyou.
  •    It's secure and it's free!

Our Production Facility

Having captured these valuable images, we know how important it is to print them to the highest standard. Our Production team are experts in colour management and colour theory. Utilising our in-house state of the art printers, techniques and processes, your images are in safe hands with the advancedlife Production team and they ensure that we deliver only the highest possible quality photographic and digitally printed products to schools and families.

All our school photography production is in-house, therefore we can guarantee the security and quality of our images.


Would you like to find out more?

No website can provide a truly comprehensive outline of our services and we'd love to come and discuss the needs of your school with you in person, with no obligation. To arrange a meeting with your advancedlife representative simply click on the button below and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

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