How do I
order school

How do I order School Photographs (prior to School Photo Day)?

Envelopes and flyers explaining package options and providing online ordering access codes are supplied to most schools and sent home with your child prior to the day of photography.

At most schools there are 2 ways for parents to order school photos, online or envelope.

The easiest and quickest way to order your photos is online:


  1. Enter the school’s secure 9 digit code
  2. It takes you to advancedorder, our secure online ordering site for your school
  3. Click on “Order Photos” and follow the steps
  4. That’s it, all done!

Please note: If ordering packages for more than one child or to order a sibling/family package, follow the steps outlined above and then add your additional children’s photo orders or add your sibling/family photo order after ordering your first child’s photo package.

Alternatively, you can use the envelope provided by your school; select your package; enclose the correct cash, a cheque or money order and return the envelope to your school. The online code is also printed on the envelope for your convenience.

Once you have the advancedorder code, visit and enter your code.

Envelope Ordering

If you prefer not to order online, please complete all the details on the order envelope supplied and return the envelope to our photographer on photo day.

Cash or cheque orders cannot be returned to the school after the day of photography.
Please see "Late Orders".

Sibling Photographs

To ensure your school is advised to bring together your children so their sibling photo can be taken, you must order prior to the main day of photography. We provide the school with the list of sibling orders right up to the day of photography, so no one misses out. If you do miss the deadline for ordering, you must instruct your school to make sure that your children still have the sibling photo taken and you can order after the day of photography.

Sibling orders must be placed prior to midnight on the day before photos are scheduled to take place.


If your school permits sibling photographs to be taken, the easiest way to order is online. Sibling order envelopes can also be collected from your school office and returned prior to photo day, if you prefer to order using an envelope.

To order online simply enter your school’s 9 digit code and complete the order process. If you are ordering sibling packages and school photo packages online for more than one child simply order your first child’s school photo package, then add your additional children’s photo orders and finally add your sibling/family photo order

Late Sibling Orders: If sibling photos have closed, these photos can be purchased at a later date, providing a sibling photo has been taken. When the photo packages are distributed by your school, you will receive a slip advising you that a sibling photo has been taken. All the details of how to order the sibling photo will be outlined on this slip.

Late Orders - School photographs have been taken, but I haven't placed an order

All orders placed after the Main Day of Photography at your school must be made online.

To order online you will need to enter the 9 digit online advancedorder code issued to your school.

The 9 digit online advancedorder code can be found on the top right-hand corner of the ordering envelope available from your school.

Cash or cheque orders cannot be returned to the school after the day of photography.

Orders can be made for up to a week after the main day of photography, at regular pricing.
After the week, all orders are closed and the order will incur a reorder fee. This fee cannot be waived.

I ordered online. Do I have to return an envelope?
If you have ordered online, you do not have to return an envelope.
Separated Parents

As photo package orders are usually distributed by the school to the student photographed, this may cause delivery problems when a child divides their time between parental residences.

If you would like to collect your order from the school office, because you anticipate this may be an issue, please place your order online prior to the day of photography and check the appropriate collect your package check box.

This will separate your order from the regular distribution and give you the opportunity to collect your package directly from the school.

Can I order over the phone?

advancedlife does not accept orders over the phone, and cannot record or accept credit information provided manually or verbally. For the security of our customers, all credit card and B-Pay transactions can only be made by customers using our secure websites.